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This is a type of online games that you can play together with someone on the same device.

What makes them different from multiplayer games is that two people share the same device, and two groups of keys will be activated for this, so you can play without interfering with each other.

History of 2 player games

This is the earliest type of online games, which appeared a long time ago, before all other types of games. Single-player games came much later.
The progenitors of computer online 2 player games can be considered as existing pair games that could be played in reality even before the invention of the Internet. The first such game appeared five thousand years ago and was called "Backgammon".

In the fifth century ad, another famous real game for two player called "Go" appeared. It was also a Board game that could be played by two people.

The same type of game can be attributed to chess, which appeared a thousand years ago. Much later, there were games such as pool and Billiards.
And quite new, modern games can be called Air Hockey and similar games for two players.

Among the computer games that could be played together, the first appeared checkers, which immediately gained popularity. After the appearance of this game, as well as the first console games, the online gaming industry began to develop very rapidly, and then began to appear 2 player games, which are now considered classics. The developers of that games have opened up incredible opportunities. Examples include Rooftop Snipers or Flip the Table, Bomber Man, and the like.

What are 2 player games like

These games can be divided into different types:

- games on the same device or remotely on two devices that are connected to each other,
- games in which players can play simultaneously or sequentially,
- games in which each player has their own screen or the screen is divided into two parts, independent of each other.

For girls, it can be games about shopping or organizing a party, some fun adventures or quests in beauty salons, cooking competitive games, and for boys, it's games with battles and battles, sparring fights and detective investigations.

And absolutely everyone will like games with races on different vehicles, adventures and travel.

Advantages of 2 player games

The game process is more exciting and interesting, because the battles are chaotic, because your opponent or teammate is next to you and you can see his reaction to the luck and failures in the game and react to his movements.

Playing these games with your brother and sister or friend is an unforgettable experience. You can play against each other or team up and play against artificial intelligence. Whichever way you choose to play, it is always an opportunity to get to know each other better, learn each other's strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to help each other. After such an active and interesting time spent together, your friendship and respect for each other will become even stronger. Cooperation in difficult and dangerous situations, solving complex tasks together will be a chance for you to create a beautiful and well-coordinated Duo of gamers. The best teams of gamers were obtained as a result of this joint passage of 2 player games.