Who is kizi? What is kizi games? So many questions! And so few answers, but we will definitely try to figure it out.

Who invented kizi games

The first thing you should know about kizi games is that there is a game developer with that name. And it is to this company that we owe the existence of all those popular games that have flooded the Internet now and won the hearts of gamers from all over the world.

What distinguishes this developer from all the rest of his colleagues?

Firstly, the fact that the sites under this name contains an incredibly large and diverse collection of online mini-games.

Secondly, brightness, excellent rendering and thoughtful light plot distinguish the fact that all the games that are presented on the kizi games sites. You don’t need to think about it for many hours: just sit down and play. And have fun, of course.

Well and one more significant difference - a beautiful, charming hero, whose name is kizi. Let's get to know him better.

Who is the main character of kizi games?

Meet this wonderful green cosmic slug called kizi. It was he who made kizi games famous all over the world. It was to him that games owe their popularity.

Despite the fact that kizi is an alien who speaks an unfamiliar speech, it is very easy to find a common language with him. He has a wonderful friendly character, he easily makes contact. It's fun to play with him, but what else is needed for a fun company?

Our new friend offers a variety of games of various genres and categories. Playing with him is fun and interesting, because kizi is a purposeful person. He will never step back until he succeeds.

What are kizi games?

Our new familiar slug kizi is a very athletic friend. He is constantly engaged in some kind of sport. That is why there are many sports games with him in the title role. Bet you can't beat him tennis? But you will like playing with him for the same football team, because he has excellent team play skills.

Our green alien is also very smart, so there are so many educational and logical games, puzzles and puzzles among kizi games. Try to solve all these puzzles together with a green friend, and you will see that this alien is good in logic games!

And he is very restless, so most of all he likes those games in which you have to run a lot, fight, fly on different aircraft, look for some objects and defend yourself from enemies. If you also love just such games, then you will like the company of the alien slug kizi.

Well, since our new friend is an alien, then most of the games with kizi are devoted, of course, to space, space adventures and uncharted planets.
If you are interested in what other games are, then quickly check out the section with such games. You will surely like it there!