Sites where Friv games collections are collected are places where you get to spend a lot of time there. Because it’s impossible to break away from such a variety of different games!

What is friv games?

Friv games got its name from the name of the program developed by the authors of the site On such a free program that can work on a variety of platforms, including the web, a huge variety of flash games was created, so the website of the program’s creators very quickly turned into a huge bank of the most interesting and exciting games for girls and boys, as well as for the smallest children. However, friv games are interesting to play even for adults.

What are friv games?

Among Friv games, a wide variety of genres and types of games are presented.

If you like addictive arcades, then here you will find the best of them. There are many games with your favorite heroes, which have become legendary.

If you like to tickle your nerves, then shooting games are presented to your attention.

If you like speed and spending extreme time, then you should sit on the coolest bike and try to go through a steep track, which makes such turns that are breathtaking.

If you like calm games, then there are a lot of logical and puzzle games on the portal. The most popular among them are puzzles and collect three games.

Girls are very fond of dress up games, where they have the opportunity to create the coolest and most talented look in their life. It’s not so easy to cope with this: try to choose a dress for the princess who is going to the party. After all, everyone knows how whimsical princesses are.

Every girl is crazy about cooking games, and there is a fair explanation for that. First of all, such games are not only for fun. Playing them, you can learn recipes of various dishes, popular in national cuisines of many countries. Knowing how to cook such dishes, you can try it in real life. Also, if you dream of becoming a chef, then cooking games are the best opportunity to start your brilliant career.

Friv games for the little ones

The youngest children will also find a lot of interesting things for themselves among friv games. Coloring books, which are presented in a wide variety, will not only teach you how to choose the right colors, but also develop spatial thinking. Drawing games will teach you how to create masterpieces, even if you didn't know how to draw before. Starting from the simplest, gradually each player will gain a steady drawing skill. And small children are very fond of trying themselves in different professions. The most fashionable profession now on the portal is playing a doctor. And if in real life doctors are still trying to create a cure for COVID-19, then in our online world of video games coronavirus can be easily treated.

Also, friv games provide an opportunity to test your attentiveness and perseverance. There are such game genres as rpg or search quests in which you simply can’t do without attentiveness and perseverance.