The Cool Games category contains games that were invented and developed by the Cool Games team.

Who are Cool Games?

Cool Games uses HTML5 technology to create high quality casual games. The company began its existence in 2009. All these games are published in the cloud, so players can enjoy the gameplay without having to go through the boring download process. On this portal you can find all the most popular games on social networks.

The main advantage of Cool Games is cooperation with the most famous gaming brands in the world. The platform features well-known games such as Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, Snoopy, Pac-Man, Tetris and Snake.

Cool Games' main specialization is social media games. Since all Games games are of high quality and the content presented is unique, this portal has a huge audience of players around the world. Every day, more than two million players play simultaneously on the portal in Games.

The main persons of Cool Games

The people who created Cool Games and continue to run this huge resource for games today are three of the top talent.

Laurence Rutten is the founder and CEO of the brand. He is responsible for the ultimate responsibility of the brand and its success. This person deals with the strategy of the company, develops the vector of business development and is responsible for ensuring that Cool Games' content is of high quality. Lawrence Rutten is also responsible for dealing with partners and investors and working with the Tokyo branch of the firm.

Berend Leibbrandt deals with the firm's legal and financial affairs.

Robbert Hoogstraten is the head of publishing, so he is responsible for the entire Games publishing team. Since Games owns many global web portals, this person is in charge of managing them.

Thanks to the efforts of these wonderful specialists, the Cool Games brand has achieved great success in the world of online games, under their leadership, the company continues to develop successfully.

What Cool Games do we have?

Among Games there are representatives of a wide variety of genres and trends. Since the main vector of Cool Games' work is games for social platforms, logic games and puzzles can be considered the most popular genre. Sudoku from Games is very popular.

Also on the Cool Games web resources are arcades and adventure games, shooters and races, role-playing games and games for girls. The category of games for girls represents all genres that are most in demand among the female audience.

As Games characters, you can meet original characters as well as popular characters and internet memes. The most popular among Cool Games are balls, balls, lines, three in a line. Such games are very fond of office workers, since in such games it is possible to continue the game from the place where you left off.

Cool Games has the right games for every age. All games of the portal are distinguished by high quality of performance and graphics, well-thought-out gameplay and user-friendly interface.