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When you hear the name cricket games, it always seems that we are talking about some old sport or game. But cricket is a modern sport that is very widespread in Europe. What is cricket?

Cricket - National sport of England

The birthplace of cricket games is England, where such a team game was invented back in the 16th century. The sport became so popular that it was declared a national sport as early as the 18th century. After the English colonies began to develop around the world, cricket also began to spread throughout the world.

The essence of cricket is a competition between two teams of eleven people each. They play cricket on a field covered with grass. The cricket games field must be elliptical.

Cricket games rules

A special feature of cricket games is that a pitch or a special ground made of the ground in the shape of a rectangle is set on an elliptical field. The pitch must have wooden wickets at the ends, and must also be separated by stripes from the main field of the field.

According to the rules of cricket games, teams must hit the ball alternately, play on the field. The goal of each team is to score more points than the opponent, so the team both scores points and prevents its opponents from scoring points.

Players in games can play the role of a bowler who serves the ball, and they can be a batsman, that is, reflect the ball with a bat.

Cricket games have a very extensive system of rules that you need to understand very well in order to be able to play this game.

History of cricket games

Historians point out that cricket appeared much earlier than the 16th century, according to official sources. It is mentioned that back in the 13th century, King Edward II of England played creag, which was the very initial form of cricket games.

There is also a lot of controversy among scientists about what word the name of the game comes from.

It is believed that at first cricket was an exclusively children's game, therefore, for the first time in historical sources, the game is mentioned only in the 16th century, when adults first began to play it.

As it developed, cricket games have acquired their own heroes. The history of this sport includes William Gilbert Grace, who was not only the most popular player in the cricket, but also revolutionized the game.

In online games you have the opportunity not only to try yourself in this interesting English game, but also to carefully study the rules and understand them. Also, online cricket games provide an opportunity to go through a tutorial tour to learn how to play in the tutorial mode. After that, you can develop your cricket skills, and then take part in online cricket championships and even become a champion.

This is a very interesting and addicting game, which is called the game of a real gentleman. Although it would be incorrect to say so, because there is also a female form of cricket. Many people think that women's cricket is a recent phenomenon, but for the first time women cricket became known in the middle of the 18th century.