So many different girl games can be found on the Internet, that any girl will immediately feel better from such a variety. Among girl games there is everything that any girl dreams of.

Games for Girls

Every girl wants to be beautiful. Therefore, dress up games are especially popular among games for girls. Dress up games is the same doll game, only there are much more possibilities. Dress your doll in the most beautiful outfits, do hairstyles for her. Let your doll go to a party or a ball and become the queen there.

What does the girl want?

Every girl wants to try makeup with mom’s cosmetic. Makeup games will help in this, and the girl will have the opportunity not only to try herself as a makeup artist, but also to learn how to apply makeup correctly.

Every girl wants to learn how to cook. Cooking games is the best opportunity to present yourself as the chef of an expensive restaurant or a cozy cafe and learn how to cook, studying the sequence of cooking different dishes during the game.

Every girl wants to become famous. And so the most popular of girl games are those in which the current character is a celebrity, a famous actress or model, the heroine of a famous cartoon or video blogger.

Every girl dreams of becoming a doctor. Or a teacher. Or a star. There are many games for girls about professions, and girls have the opportunity to try themselves, cure the disease or conduct a lesson in a classroom full of children.

And every girl wants to become a mother. Every girl dreams of beautiful babies that she will take care of. That is why there are a huge number of girl games dedicated to motherhood, pregnancy and childbirth.

Logical and mathematical girl games

Among girl games, there are those that are not related to fashion, beauty and household. For those girls who care about development and learning, there are logical and mathematical games. Such games are decorated in a cute and beautiful style that girls will like. Such games are stylized as well-known cartoons or fairy tales that girls love.

Logical games for girls are puzzles, coloring books, word games. There are many girl games in which girls have the opportunity to become an interior designer or architect, build a house and equip all rooms in it.

Also among classic girl games, classic card games and puzzles decorated in a cute style are popular.

Girls love racing and shooting games

For girls, a lot of games in the genre of shooter games and races have been created, girls and action games love. If you love speed and want to learn extreme car driving, then choose a cute pink car that will leave men's sports cars far behind.

There are also wonderful and interesting multiplayer games for girls that you can play with your girlfriend or prove to an arrogant classmate who is stronger and cooler among you.

And girls are very romantic natures, they dream to go on a date and marry a fabulous prince. Therefore, girls are very fond of romantic games. In these games you will find pleasant acquaintances, flirtation and compliments, as well as an unforgettable first kiss.