Disney games are more than just fun. Disney games is a whole world where heroes and characters live, invented by wizards from the most famous company for the production of cartoons and fairy tales.

Disney games chief is Disney Interactive Studios

The creator of all of Disney’s interactive projects is Disney Interactive Studios. Talented people who work for this company introduce video games based on cartoons and films, television series and Disney programs to the market.

Despite the fact that Disney has been around for a very long time, its management only noticed the video game market in 1988. The video game market was a new experience for the company's employees, so specialists who were invited from the outside developed the first Disney games. For the first games, they used those characters that were already famous, which children and adults knew from the Disney Company cartoons and movies. The first games did not achieve explosive success, until third-party companies began to produce games based on Disney stories with the consent of Disney. The first such games Aladdin and the Lion King met the game world perfectly, but Disney itself made an attempt to produce its own games only in 2003.

The heroes of Disney games

The main thing that attracts adults and children to Disney games is their favorite cartoon and movie characters, their favorite stories and worlds, as well as the famous amazing Disney graphics that can not be confused with any other.

The most beloved heroes of games are Lilo and Stitch, Princess Sofia, Gravity Falls, Star wars, Descendants games, heroes of the Pirates of the Caribbean story.

Exciting races on cars present games for boys from the Cartoon Cars, as well as with your favorite cartoon characters about Mickey Mouse, Fairies and many others.

Games for girls are represented by numerous dress up games, where each girl will have the opportunity to become a personal stylist not only of a cartoon or movie character, but also of any celebrity from the Disney channel.

In connection with the appearance in recent years of a mass of cinema remakes for old classic cartoons, the interest of players in disney games about the elephant calf Dambo, Aladdin, the characters of the cartoon “The Lion King”, Mary Poppins, Pacahontas and others has increased.
The heroes of the animated films “Duck Tales” or “Cinderella”, “Doctor Plyusheva” and “Snow White” have not lost their popularity since the moment they were released. They migrated to the world of video games and won the hearts of fans around the world as characters in online games.

Types of disney games

Disney games offer a range of diverse games for young children, for teens, and for adults. Children are very fond of coloring books in which they can color their favorite characters, as well as numerous stocker books.

Teenagers enjoy playing quizzes and puzzles, board games.

Children of absolutely all ages will enjoy playing and learning new knowledge along with educational and developing board games and word games.
Of course, very popular and sought after games are zombies and quest games, super arcades and racing games, shooting games.