There is an opinion that only boys and men love shooting games. But among the fans of the shooting games genre there are a lot of girls and women, and this can be seen if you visit the e-sports championships in the genre of shooting games.

The genre of computer shooting games is called that because the whole plot of the game revolves around shooting. Types of weapons and the plot does not matter, they can be very different. The main thing that unites these games is the need to shoot.

How are shooting games

Modern shooting games are made in 3D-graphics, so the player, when controlling his character, can move not only in different directions, but also up and down. Most often, the character moves through a maze in which opponents are waiting for him around every corner. The labyrinth can be either a structure or a landscape; it can be a spaceship or a submarine. The player’s task is to move to a higher level, find a way out of the maze, but not die at the hands of the enemy.

More complex shooting games require the player to perform certain tasks: he needs to install a bomb or solve a logical problem in a certain time, so that the game allows the player to go to a new level.

Types of shooting games

The character in shooting games can be controlled by the player both in the first person and in the third person: if the player controls the character of the game in the first person, then he watches the game through the eyes of the hero. This gameplay is very realistic. But if the player controls the character from a third person, then during the game process he sees the character in front of him from the back, that is, he controls the player as a separate hero, acts as a puppeteer.

Shooting games are also divided into single-player and multi-player games: if in single-player shooting games the player controls his character, and all other characters in the game are controlled by artificial intelligence, then in multiplayer video game several players go through the game at once, becoming each other rivals or teammates.

Features shooting games

Classic shooting games are distinguished by the presence of a character's life panel or health panel, which reflects how many lives he spent or how much energy he still has. When the character’s vital resources end on the panel, the character dies, and after that it is reborn in a certain place of the game space, but often he is reborn at the initial level of the game, losing his skills.

Classic shooting games offer players the opportunity to restore the character's health with the help of a special first-aid kit. Sometimes, instead of a health bar, character’s injuries or energy losses are marked on the game screen using certain signals or effects.

Most modern shooting games offer the character of the game the ability to move around in the game space using some form of transport. The type of transport and its condition and capabilities depend on the plot of the game: it can be a faithful horse or a space shuttle, an dirt-ridden SUV or a bike, often in such games the characters move in helicopters or tanks, boats or even submarines.

Most shooting games have very advanced graphics, because the quality of the drawing matters and affects the speed of character control.