A man begins to dream about his first weapon when he first raises a pebble from the ground and launches it into a neighboring fence. We can say that the desire to possess weapons in the boys is in the blood.

What weapons can be found in gun games?

The main distinguishing feature of gun games is the availability of a huge selection of weapons. Here you can get acquainted with different types of weapons of all types and stripes: you can hold a sniper rifle and a machine gun in your hands, or you can swipe at something exotic.

What are gun games?

Traditionally, gun games are divided into several types:

- gun games in which the player is invited to complete the game with modern weapons, such as pistols or rifles, grenades or machine guns, as well as many other types of modern weapons that we could only see on the movie screen. Such games enable the player to act as a policeman or representative of the special services, soldier or bandit. In such games, it is possible to get new weapons by buying them for game money or by taking them away from the enemy they managed to defeat.
- games dedicated to a certain historical era, and rare-type items such as a crossbow or bow, maces or spears, swords or even swords are weapons in such games. In such games you have to speak on behalf of a commander or a knight who glorified his name in legends. You probably read in a history textbook about such people. If in the first category of games you are given the opportunity to travel by transport, then in historical games the means of transportation will be appropriate - horses, carriages, carts or chariots.
- also games that take place in fantasy worlds. If in historical games the action takes place in those epochs that already existed, then in this category of games the plot develops in an epoch that is yet to come, and there is no guarantee that it will be exactly as it is presented in the game. Therefore, the world into which the player falls into gun games of the third type is completely fictional. The weapon in it is also fictitious: you can try yourself in possession of an exoskeleton or a special disappearing camouflage, you can pick up a lightsaber or shoot from an electromagnetic gun.

Gun games levels

But among the types of gun games, one can distinguish those where the character can move around with weapons in his hands and solve the tasks posed by the game, and those in which the character is forced to stay in one place. In the first case, the plot of the game is a cool action movie, and your character will have to withstand more than one battle against evil zombies or an enemy army. It will be very difficult to survive in such battles, so the character should be very mobile, move fast and shoot carefully. The choice of weapons will also be decisive, but the character will have to get the coolest weapons: he needs to reach a certain level in order to get permission to use the best weapons.

The second category of games represents 2D plots, they are easier both in terms of graphics and in their mechanism resemble games in the console.