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Where can you find the coolest online games? Of course, in the games for boys section, which contains games for real men.

Girls are not allowed here! Here they have absolutely nothing to do, because only real men love and know how to play boy games.

What are games for boys?

If the girls think that in the boy games section there are only shooting games and races, then they are very mistaken. Firing laser guns and fighting is, of course, an exclusively male occupation. But there are also men's responsibilities such as making decisions, thinking through their actions a few moves ahead, and being able to focus on important details. All this adds up to the concept of responsibility, and this is the main male task: to be able to take responsibility for themselves and for those who are weaker.

Therefore, among games for boys there are a lot of such games that train thinking and attention, logic and quick wit. Such games are not only valuable in themselves, because they are educational and developmental in nature. They are also valuable in that after acquired skills will be useful in other types of games.

What types of games do boys like?

Boys love speed. And this means that driving on ATVs, competing in sports cars, flying, dying from adrenaline, on cool planes and flying space shuttles - this is exactly what makes up the golden collection of boy games. In such games, it is possible to master a variety of modes of transport: skateboards and helicopters, kayaks and sailboats, snowboards and simple mountain bikes.

Boys love danger. Therefore, adventure games will suit them very well. In such games you do not know what to expect from the plot in the next moment. You may have to solve the speed puzzle, otherwise the hourglass will turn over and you and your team will swallow the abyss of the ocean. You may have to cross a dangerous territory, where one wrong step will be fatal. Or you will have to demonstrate your skill in owning weapons, because you will have to shoot back from everyone at once.

Boys love difficulties. That is why games, in which at every step there is one who categorically does not agree to let you go to your cherished goal, are also included in the games for boys collection. Such games can be in any genre. But if your plot assumes mastery of martial arts, then you will need not only mastery of hand-to-hand combat techniques, but also the ability to think coolly and quickly.

What are boy games taught?

Each game will only be good and memorable if, after playing it, you will not only feel the satisfaction of winning, but also feel how you learned something new.

For boys, it is important to learn something new during the game. But sometimes you just want to do creative work, draw something cool and masculine, color the transformers and keep your creation as a keepsake. And then in the games for boys section there are creative games for real men.