About the Game - Blocks

Blocks is a captivating logic puzzle game that is designed to challenge your mind and keep you engaged. With a total of 100 levels, the game offers a variety of puzzles that require you to move blocks in a line until no block is left on the level. This game is not just about fun, it's a real mental workout that tests your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

Blocks also comes with a set of features to enhance your gaming experience. You can restart the level with the "R" key, undo your last action with the "E" key, control the sound with the "S" key, manage the music with the "M" key, and access the menu with the "Esc" key. Plus, Blocks is also playable on mobile devices with a touchscreen, allowing you to enjoy the game wherever you are.

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Advantages of the Game - Blocks

Blocks stands out from other puzzle games for several reasons. First, it offers a high level of challenge with its 100 levels, making it a great choice for those who love to test their mental abilities. Second, it provides a variety of controls to enhance your gaming experience, including the ability to restart levels, undo actions, and manage sound and music. Third, Blocks is playable on both desktop and mobile devices, offering flexibility for players. Lastly, the game's simple yet engaging gameplay makes it a great way to relax and unwind while also exercising your brain.