Blocky Snakes

Blocky Snakes

About the Game - Blocky Snakes

Blocky Snakes is a unique and engaging online game that, while bearing some resemblance to the world of Wormix, stands out with its own distinctive features. Unlike the popular multiplayer game where you play as a worm striving to grow, Blocky Snakes offers a fresh perspective with its three-dimensional graphics and side-view gameplay, a rarity in this genre. The game immerses you in a world of cubic elements and snakes, where you compete with others to grow and develop your snake.

Upon entering the game, you give your snake a name and dive right into the action. The world of Blocky Snakes is filled with competitors of varying sizes, and you must be wary of all. With a swift click of the mouse, you can strike at your next opponent, blocking their path. This results in their snake halting and transforming into elements that you can consume to grow larger. The vast field is also scattered with particles that can either speed up or slow down your movement, aid in your growth, or do the opposite.

Games Similar to Blocky Snakes

1. Wormix: This popular multiplayer game also involves growing your character to enormous proportions. However, it lacks the three-dimensional graphics and side-view gameplay of Blocky Snakes.

2. Another game in the genre,, involves controlling a worm-like creature and consuming multicolored pellets to grow. The game shares the competitive aspect with Blocky Snakes but lacks the unique cubic elements and three-dimensional graphics.

3. In, players control a cell and aim to grow by consuming smaller cells. While it shares the growth and competition aspects with Blocky Snakes, it lacks the unique snake characters and three-dimensional gameplay.

Advantages of the Game - Blocky Snakes

  • Unique Gameplay: Blocky Snakes stands out with its unique three-dimensional graphics and side-view gameplay, offering a fresh perspective in the genre.
  • Competitive Element: The game is filled with competitors of varying sizes, adding an exciting competitive element to the gameplay.
  • Interactive Environment: The vast field in Blocky Snakes is scattered with particles that can affect your snake's speed and growth, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game.
  • Character Customization: The ability to name your snake adds a personal touch to the game, enhancing the overall gaming experience.