The bomb games category contains games in which characters use bombs for different needs. Most often, bombs are used to destroy something.

Bomb is the main character of bomb games

What is a bomb? This is a type of explosive device that is used not only during military operations. Ever since man invented the bomb, a huge number of applications have been found for this invention. In everyday life, a bomb is used for construction needs. The very principle of operation of the bomb formed the basis of many inventions and modern technologies. Throughout its history, the bomb has brought many benefits to humanity.

The history of the bomb

The bomb was originally conceived as an ammunition that was used in the First World War. But much earlier, cannonballs were used, which exploded when they hit the target, and they were also considered bombs.

The man who invented the bomb is famous: it was the French inventor Bernard Renaud d'Elysngare. He invented this type of weapon in order to fight pirates when French troops besieged the city of Algeria.

In our time, bombs are called any hollow containers that can explode and release the contents that are hidden inside.

What types of bombs can be found in bomb games

Since bombs are weapons, the largest number of bomb games are war games, battle games. You will have the opportunity to see how the bomb is used in military operations, learn the strategy and tactics of subversion.

But bombs in modern life are most often used in the non-combat sphere. You've probably heard that there are smoke bombs that can be used to create beautiful special effects for shooting. Also, smoke bombs are used during reconnaissance special operations, when it is necessary to make the terrain less visible.

Photographers, who use special bombs to illuminate the area at night, very actively use bombs.

With the help of bombs, the military also point each other to a certain point on the ground. Also, bombs help to navigate the terrain not only for the military, but also for athletes, as well as specialists conducting construction and archaeological work, and mining.

In the bomb games category you will find many more bomb uses. Don't forget how often bombs are used in the entertainment industry. Bombs are used for holding fireworks, for creating a festive atmosphere, for entertainment. You surely participated in the battle with water bombs?

And bombs are also often used for cooking dishes - desserts or barbecues. In the area of ​​haute cuisine, sauce bombs are often used. The most popular bubble tea now is also created on the principle of bombs: gelatin balls are added to the tea, which are filled with delicious fruit juice: when a person drinks such tea, these bombs with juice explode in his mouth.

And you have probably tried very popular candies, which are also created on the principle of bombs: when you put such a candy in your mouth, it explodes on your tongue, crumbles into many of the same small bombs, which also explode. This is fun and fun culinary entertainment, but you need to be prepared for it.