Candy Match

Candy Match

About the Game - Candy Match

Embark on a delightful journey through a land of sweets with Candy Match, a charming Match 3 game. Your friendly guide, Ginger, will accompany you as you combine and collect adorable candies across more than 2000 thrilling levels. The game offers daily missions and challenges that reward you with extra coins and other gifts upon completion.

Engage in the game by tapping or clicking on the candies to hold them, and then swap them with other candies to make your moves. Matching more than three candies of the same color will create powerful power-ups that will help you achieve the level goals swiftly. Candy Match encourages daily play by offering daily gifts and a unique daily challenge.

Games Similar to Candy Match

1. Sweet Candy Forest: This game offers a similar match-3 experience with a forest theme. Players can enjoy over 1000 levels of candy matching fun.

2. Candy Crush Saga: This popular game is another match-3 puzzle game where players swap and match candies to progress through the levels. Candy Crush Saga offers thousands of levels and various game modes to keep players engaged.

3. Cookie Jam: In this game, players match three or more similar cookies to clear the board and earn points. Cookie Jam offers hundreds of levels and a variety of power-ups to help players achieve their goals.

Advantages of the Game - Candy Match

  • Candy Match offers over 2000 levels, providing players with a vast array of challenges and hours of gameplay.
  • The game features daily missions and challenges that reward players with additional coins and gifts, encouraging regular play.
  • Power-ups created by matching more than three candies of the same color can help players reach their level goals more quickly.
  • Candy Match also offers daily gifts and a unique daily challenge, further enhancing the gaming experience.