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The customer games category contains games in which the player will have to fulfill all the wishes of the client. Customers can be in a wide variety of areas, so customer games open up endless opportunities for players to try themselves in a wide variety of service areas.

What is a client?

Every salesperson, performer, service worker, or entrepreneur whose work is based on interaction with customers will tell you right away: the customer is always right.

This is the main principle of the service and service industry, therefore the main task of the player in customer games is to make sure that the customer is satisfied.

A client is a person who turns to you and for the provision of a service, makes an order or purchases a product. This person pays you money for your work, so your task as a performer or service provider is to fulfill all the client's requirements so that he is satisfied.

If a client likes the service at your establishment, he will definitely come to you again. This means that he will become your regular customer. A regular customer is the key to the stability of your business.

Rules for working with clients

There are several important rules for working with clients. If you follow them, they will lead you to success and your client will be satisfied.

Your client should quickly receive an answer to the question posed.
Be sure to explain to the client the subtleties that are in your work, he may not know them. If you work in a restaurant, do not just say the name of the dish, but also explain how it is prepared and what it consists of.
Be always polite, even if the client is rude. Your task is to fulfill his order and get money for it, stick to this goal. But if your client is nervous, then there is a reason for this, so you should understand what caused his aggression and try to eliminate this reason.
You must be responsible for the quality of the product or service that you sell. If the quality of the product you are selling turns out to be poor, stop working with these suppliers.

What customer games do we have?

In what areas can you find the need to work with clients?

Among the customer games there are restaurants or cafes games where you have to prepare an order and serve a customer. If you play the role of a chef in such games, then you will need to prepare an order in strict accordance with the wishes of the client. Even the simplest sandwich needs to be prepared with the client in mind, as he may be allergic to a certain product, so you should not put this ingredient in the sandwich.

Among customer games there are games stores where you need to quickly find the desired product and sell it to the customer.

Also among the customer games there are games for beauty salons or tattoo workshops, where you will fulfill the client's order. Be prepared in advance that your work may not satisfy the client, so try to act in strict accordance with his wishes.