Dibbles. Pro Pack

Dibbles. Pro Pack

About the game - Dibbles: Pro Pack

Are you ready to prove your expertise in the Dibbles universe? Dibbles: Pro Pack is your chance to do just that. This level pack revisits the original Dibbles setting, presenting you with 33 brand new levels to conquer. The difficulty has been significantly ramped up this time around, and the tutorial levels have been removed, save for the very first one. This means you're thrown straight into the action.

If Dibbles: Pro Pack is your first foray into the Dibbles series, we recommend trying out one of the previous versions before diving into this one. Gameplay involves using the mouse to select and place command stones. The first Dibble to reach the stone will pick it up and, when the time is right, carry out your instructions. Your ultimate goal is to guide the King to the end of all 33 levels.

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  • Command & Conquer: This classic strategy game also requires you to give commands to your units to achieve your objectives. However, it involves more complex military strategies and a wider variety of units.

  • Lemmings: This old-school game is a direct inspiration for Dibbles. You must guide a group of lemmings through various levels by assigning them specific tasks.

  • Starcraft: Another strategy game where you command an army of units. Starcraft is set in a sci-fi universe and offers a more complex gameplay compared to Dibbles: Pro Pack.

Advantages of the game - Dibbles: Pro Pack

One of the main advantages of Dibbles: Pro Pack is its simplicity. The game mechanics are easy to understand, making it accessible to players of all ages. Despite this simplicity, the game offers a significant challenge, especially in the later levels. This ensures that Dibbles: Pro Pack remains engaging and fun throughout.

Another advantage is the game's replayability. With 33 levels to beat, there's plenty of content to keep you coming back. Plus, the satisfaction of successfully guiding the King to the end of a level is a feeling that never gets old.

Finally, Dibbles: Pro Pack stands out for its charming and unique art style. The cute characters and colorful environments make the game a joy to look at, adding to the overall enjoyment of the game.