Dino Meat Hunt Remastered

Dino Meat Hunt Remastered

About the game Dino Meat Hunt Remastered

Dino Meat Hunt Remastered is an exciting browser-based online game that takes you on a thrilling adventure with two unique dinosaurs. The game is a complete revamp of the original Dino Meat Hunt, offering new challenges and features. The objective of the game is to collect all the meats scattered across the map and guide the dinosaurs back to their cages. The game introduces a new mechanic where the smaller dinosaur can create bridges over water, while the larger dinosaur has the ability to extinguish fires. The controls for the little dino are “W,A,S,D” with a double jump feature by pressing “W+W”. The big dino is controlled using the "ARROW KEYS" and can attack using “K and L”.

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Advantages of the game - Dino Meat Hunt Remastered

  • Engaging Gameplay: Dino Meat Hunt Remastered offers a unique blend of puzzle-solving and platforming gameplay that keeps players engaged.
  • Cooperative Play: The game features two dinosaurs with different abilities, encouraging cooperative play and strategic thinking.
  • Accessibility: As a browser-based game, Dino Meat Hunt Remastered can be played on any device with an internet connection, making it easily accessible.
  • Free to Play: Dino Meat Hunt Remastered is free to play, making it a great choice for gamers on a budget.