Fish eats a fish

Fish eats a fish

About the Game - Fish eats a Fish

Embark on an underwater adventure with "Fish eats a Fish", a casual browser-based online game. Begin your journey as a friendly fish feasting on plankton. As you grow, you transition from prey to predator, hunting down other aquatic creatures. The game offers two modes: a walkthrough and a survival arcade. In the walkthrough mode, your fish's growth progress is saved, and more dangerous predators are introduced as you advance.

Control your fish using your mouse or touch screen. Collect plankton by clicking on the screen or using the left mouse button. As your fish evolves into a predator, you can eat other fish of a lower class. Click on the character icon to see which fish you can consume. The game is won by the player who eats the required amount of food the fastest. Keep an eye on your account status, located next to the icon. Each level has its own final result.

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Advantages of the Game - Fish eats a Fish

  • Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay that keeps you engaged.
  • Two game modes offer variety and replayability.
  • Progressive difficulty with the introduction of more dangerous predators as you grow.
  • Interactive controls using mouse or touch screen.
  • Competitive gameplay with the goal of eating the required amount of food the fastest.

Experience the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of growth in "Fish eats a Fish". Dive in and start your underwater adventure today!