Jake the Snake

Jake the Snake

About the game - Jake the Snake

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Jake the Snake, a casual browser-based online game that will keep you on your toes. In this game, Jake isn't all that long. Your mission is to help him grow so he can reach the exit on each level. However, it's not as easy as it sounds. You'll need to strategize and plan your moves carefully to avoid Jake falling into the water or hitting dangerous objects.

How do you help Jake grow? It's simple. Have Jake eat all of the stars on a level to enable the exit. As Jake eats the stars, he will grow. But beware! Don't let Jake hit any of the dangers on the levels or fall into the water. Remember, the stars can act as a platform and can support Jake.

Controlling Jake is easy. Use the WASD or arrow keys or, on touch devices, swipe with your finger. If you want to reset the levels (re-locks all the levels except level 1), use the Clear Data button on the Levels menu. Jake the Snake is a game that combines strategy, skill, and a little bit of luck.

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Advantages of the game - Jake the Snake

Jake the Snake stands out from other games with its unique gameplay and mechanics. The game is easy to understand but challenging to master, making it a perfect choice for both casual gamers and those seeking a more intense gaming experience. The game's design is simple yet engaging, and the controls are intuitive and responsive. The levels are well-designed and offer a good balance of challenge and fun. Plus, the ability to reset levels adds an extra layer of strategy to the game. So why wait? Start playing Jake the Snake today and see how long you can grow!