Games in the killing games category are among the most controversial online video game genre. People who speak out categorically about the hobby of children and adolescents with computer games most often cite this very reason: computer games bring up cruelty. And most of the criticism falls to the share of killing games. What are killing games? let's figure it out.

What are killing games?

The main storyline of killing games is killing. The character controlled by the player must hunt down his victim and kill her with a certain type of weapon. Most often, the characters of such games are assassins or killers.

But it is also customary to refer to the category of killing games as those games in which there is a fact of murder or the task of killing a victim is the main one in this game.

In order to successfully complete a level in such games, the player will need accuracy and accuracy, the ability to wield a weapon, the ability to find the right place for an ambush, and many other skills and abilities that will ensure the success of the level.

Games in this category develop attentiveness and logical thinking, require composure and endurance from the player.

Who are killers?

Hired assassins are a profession in which a person is engaged in killing people on a professional basis. A person can commit a murder by order, receiving a fee for it. The main thing in the killer's work is that he does not commit murder out of personal animosity. Contract killers are often referred to as professional killers.

The attitude of society towards such a profession is always categorically negative. Many people think that such professionals appeared in our society quite recently, but historians give examples that hired killers have existed for a long time. And many of them have been romanticized in literature and cinema.

Famous ninjas were also assassins, so ninja games can also be categorized as killing games. The difference between such games from standard killing games will be that ninjas do not use firearms.

What are the types of killing games?

The killer image has become very popular in popular culture, which is why game developers often use killer in their games.

Characters in killing games can be faceless, or familiar heroes can represent them. Among the most famous killers who came to us from literature, cinema or history are samurai and ninjas, Leon from the film by Luc Besson, the famous Hitman and many others.

All games in this category are either shooters, because killers use weapons for their work, or they are fighting and fighting games. Often killing games can combine quests that a character has to go through in order to achieve a goal.

Also, in order for the killer to get to his object in the game, he needs to go through the area filled with a variety of obstacles. Often in the killing games category there are games that are represented by the RPG genre.