This category contains games in which you will have the opportunity to throw something somewhere. Because launch games are dedicated to those people who love throwing weapons and enjoy using them.

A good old slingshot - the oldest type of launch games

Do you own any kind of weapon in real life? Do not rush to answer negatively, because we all mastered the very first type of throwing weapon already in early childhood. It was a throwing weapon called a slingshot. Our first launch games are connected with the slingshot.

A slingshot is a fun activity, but if the necessary precautions are not taken, it can easily cause injury or even death. At the very beginning of the existence of human civilization, ancient people used a slingshot for hunting. Later they learned to use it as a military weapon. When human civilization reached a high level in its development, when man no longer needed to hunt and defend himself with the help of such a primitive type of weapon, the slingshot became an entertainment for man. Now the slingshot has become a popular method of throwing objects in online launch games.

Types of throwing weapons that can be found in launch games

During the development of civilization, man invented many different types of throwing weapons. Almost all of these weapons can be found in launch games.

The most common of the existing types of throwing weapons can be called a grenade. When a grenade is thrown, it explodes, so a person who uses a grenade as a weapon must be able to throw it very far.

At different times in human history, bullets were thrown with a sling, a fustibal. The Shaolin monks invented such a throwing apparatus as Tetan Gong.

The most popular projectile is arrows, which are thrown with a bow or crossbow.

Children and teenagers are very fond of throwing darts, and this is also a type of throwing weapon.

If you ask what other object can be launched so that it flies far, far away, then you should try the boomerang, which was invented by the people of Australia and is still used today. The boomerang is a very clever throwing weapon. It is designed in such a way that it will definitely return to whoever launched it.

What kinds of launch games do we have?

In online games you will find all kinds of throwing weapons. But the most interesting thing about launch games is not this, but what throwing shells are used in these games. Instead of flying projectiles, you can use the famous cartoon angry birds, internet memes, emoticons and emojis, and more. There are a lot of humorous among games, so throwing projectiles may seem unexpected and funny to you. The plots of such games can be taken from famous cartoons, and can also be invented by the developers themselves. You will find yourself in fantasy worlds or in a familiar place with familiar characters. But whatever the plot, launch games will be a lot of fun.