Math for kids

Math for kids

About the Game - Math for Kids

Math for Kids is a captivating online game designed to enhance quick calculations in basic mathematical operations. This game offers an engaging platform for both children and adults to master fast calculations within a few days. The game revolves around reaching a target number using only addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Math for Kids is an excellent opportunity to exercise your mind and that of your children. The game is automatically translated into eight different languages, making it accessible to a global audience. For any inquiries, you can reach out to us at [email protected]. A comprehensive tutorial is included to guide you through the game. You can play Math for Kids using either a mouse or a touch screen.

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Advantages of the Game - Math for Kids

  • Math for Kids is a fun and engaging way to learn and practice math. It turns learning into an exciting game, making it easier for kids to grasp mathematical concepts.
  • The game is designed to improve quick calculation skills. This is a valuable skill that can help in various aspects of life.
  • Math for Kids is accessible to a global audience, thanks to its automatic translation into eight different languages.
  • The game includes a comprehensive tutorial, making it easy for anyone to understand and play.
  • Math for Kids offers flexibility in gameplay, allowing players to use either a mouse or a touch screen.