This category contains games in which all game control is focused on pressing only one button at a time. If you think that such games cannot be interesting, then you are wrong, because one button games is a fascinating world with a wide variety of game genres.

What are one button games?

Here is a huge assortment of online games in which you do not need to master a keyboard or joystick. All you have to do is follow the game and press the button in time when it will be necessary during the game.

Many people think that one button games are boring games. Well what can be fun about pressing only one button. But once you start playing, you will see how wrong these people are. All one button games are amazingly addictive and fun. You will need extreme concentration and reaction speed in order not to lose. Because when in the game everything is decided by just one button, it means that you have only one chance.

One button games is a one chance game

When a person has only one chance, it fills you with adrenaline. There is a category of people who give up in advance and think that they will lose anyway. But there are those who are not allowed by the excitement to give up ahead of time. If you even have one chance, then it’s more than nothing.

History knows many examples when a person won the main prize using just one chance. The most striking example of such an event is our life on earth. Since in its development the Universe had billions of options for which path this development will take. And there was only one chance that she would follow the path that would eventually lead to the development of human civilization. Of all the options, the universe has chosen this chance. And she didn’t lose.

What one button games do we have?

One button games includes representatives of various genres. There are even genres that can hardly be imagined with one button control.

Most often in this category, you come across jump ropes, in which you have to press one button at the right moment when your character has to jump.

Most often, these games are simulators of slot machines, which you probably love to play. Remember, there are also such huge shiny buttons that you need to press in time.

But this is the simplest version of one button games. There are also games in which the purpose of the button changes every time, so before clicking the button, you still need to figure out what this button is for, what function it performs. These games can be very addictive and are loved by both children and adults, because they are useful for training the brain and developing analytical thinking.

There are also games, the plot of which is based on how to earn as many points as possible by pressing the same button as many times as possible. These games are most often designed for very young gamers.