If you thought that paper games is the name of some interesting site or portal that contains many different games, then you are right. If you thought that paper games is the name of an online video game developer, then you are right this time too. If you thought that paper games is the name of the category that paper games belong to, then you are also right.

Because paper games is a special portal that contains a collection of classic logic games that people used to play on paper. And the developer of paper games is a team of people who come up with logic games, as well as games in various other genres.

What is the paper games portal?

The paper games portal or Papergames.io is an amazing place where you can get lost and stay for a long time. This portal contains a variety of logic games. For lovers of logic games and puzzles, paper games is the most comfortable place.

On the paper games portal, you can not only choose a game for yourself, but also compete with other gamers.

There is also an online video game developer called paper games. This developer has both paper games and games in various other game genres.

What is the genre of paper games?

When the Internet was not yet invented, when there were no such entertainments as game consoles or other gadgets on which you can play, people gathered in pairs or companies and played paper games.

It was interesting entertainment, and it will be useful for you to know the history of such games. These were games that didn't require any gadgets or technology. If you have a piece of paper and a pencil, then you can already play.

But if there is not even paper and writing utensils, then such games could be played with any surface and something that can be left on this surface after. Paper games could even be played by drawing different images with a stick in the sand.

Which paper games are the most famous and legendary?

The collection of the most iconic paper games includes legendary games such as sea battle, Tic-tac-toe, as well as four in a row and many others.
Tic-tac-toe is the most famous game in this genre, it is so named because of the images that players put on a sheet of paper, inscribing them in boxes. Tic-tac-toe is played in pairs. For it, you need to draw a field on paper 3X3 cells, or there are game options where the number of cells is greater.

Very similar to the Tic-tac-toe game Gomoku. This game came to us from Ancient China, and it differs from the previous game only in that it does not draw an image in cells, but lay out lines with black and white stones.

Also very common in the paper games category is Sea Battle. For it, a field is used, on which each player places ships, and his opponent must guess the locations of the enemy ships by point moves.

All games in the category are very interesting and exciting, it is impossible to tear yourself away from them.