Residence Of Evil

Residence Of Evil

About the game - Residence Of Evil

Residence Of Evil is a thrilling FPS zombie shooter game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This game is packed with fast-paced action and an engaging storyline that will keep you hooked. With 20 levels to complete, you'll find yourself immersed in the game's world, battling against 10 types of zombies with 3 different types of weapons. The game boasts intuitive controls that are easy to pick up and play, and impressive 3D graphics that enhance the gaming experience. As a fan-made tribute to the popular Resident Evil series, Residence Of Evil offers a familiar yet unique gaming experience.

The game is set in a mysterious mansion on the hills, where strange events have been reported. As a military operative, you are sent to investigate and report back as soon as possible. But the question is - will you survive?

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Advantages of the game - Residence Of Evil

  • Residence Of Evil offers a good storyline that keeps players engaged and adds depth to the game.
  • The game features 20 levels, providing hours of gameplay and keeping players hooked.
  • With 10 types of zombies and 3 types of weapons, Residence Of Evil offers a variety of challenges and ways to play.
  • The game's controls are intuitive and easy to pick up, making it accessible to both new and experienced players.
  • Residence Of Evil's 3D graphics are well-executed, adding to the game's overall appeal and enhancing the gaming experience.