The snow games category contains games with snow. You can play snowballs and admire snowflakes even if you have never seen snow in reality in these winter games.

Why do people love snow games so much?

Snow is beautiful. When winter comes and a lot of snow falls, the whole earth becomes smart as a bride. And this gives people a joyful mood.

When snowflakes fall from the sky, it looks very beautiful too. People always associate snow with winter holidays, which are the brightest and most beautiful of the year.

People also associate snow with winter sports and snow games, and people love this kind of entertainment because it is beautiful, exciting and fun.

Interesting facts about snow and snow games

If you live in a country where it snows during the winter, then you yourself know how much fun it is to play snowballs, ride sleds and make snowmen. And you probably think that seeing snow is a completely familiar thing for every person. But exactly half of the earth's population has never seen snow in their life and does not even know what it is.

However, sometimes nature throws up real surprises for residents of warm regions. Even in the Sahara Desert, snow fell once, however, it lay only one day and then melted.

People associate snow with something fluffy and very soft, but there are places on the globe where snow hardens from severe frosts and becomes very strong, like iron.

Many people, when asked what kind of snow, will answer that the snow is white. But in some places on the earth, the snow can be green, and pink, and blue, and even black - its color depends on the algae that live inside the snow.

Many of you know how "tasty" snow crunches if you walk on it in a hard frost. It turns out that such a sound is typical not only for snow - any crystals crunch like that when they break. Therefore, if you mix sugar and salt and then squeeze, you get the same sound.

What snow games do we have?

The snow games category contains a wide variety of genres and types of games. The most popular of all games is the snowball game. Snow battles always take place in a snow fortress, which you must defend from the enemy. Be careful and do not let the enemy get into your snow fortress.

Among snow games there are many such games in which you have to make a snowman. You can also play dress up games where you can come up with a wonderful stylish outfit for a snowman. You can also play creative drawing or coloring games and create a true snow masterpiece.

There are many snow games in the category of puzzles, logic puzzles, and familiar arcades. Among the sports games, there are many that are dedicated to winter sports - you can go skiing or sledging on snow slopes, try to make amazing pirouettes on snowboards.