This category contains games that have been collected on the Agame games portal.

What are Agame games?

Agame games are games featured on, one of the world's largest collection of free online games. This site is known for the fact that all the most popular and famous games in the world are presented on it along with unknown games of humble beginner developers. And all these games have only one thing in common: they are very interesting.

Here you can find this games of all genres and categories. If you love only the newest and the unknown, then you will be pleasantly surprised, because the Agame games site is updated all the time, so the games will not even have time to bore you, as new ones will appear immediately.

But also on the portal you will find classic games that have existed for a long time, but you still sometimes really want to play them.

Also at Agame games a large number of logic and board games are presented. Among these games, there are suitable difficulty levels for players of all ages.

What are the features of Agame games?

Agame games differ in that the creators of these games primarily took into account the wishes and interests of children and their parents. All games presented on this portal are created absolutely safe for children and are not capable of presenting any danger to children.

This site has games for toddlers, teens and adults. There are single player games and multiplayer games here.

It is enough for parents to indicate the age of their child when registering on the site, and the kid simply will not see any games that are not suitable for his age in terms of the plot or genre.

What Agame games do we have?

The most demanded category on the portal is the category of logic games. Among these games, mahjong is the most beloved by many users. Also in this category you can find hidden object games, three in a row, ball games and chain reaction games. Also in this category are a variety of word games and maze games.

In the race category, you can learn to drive a car in a driving simulator, and once you learn to drive and do it bravely, you can take part in races, not simple ones, but on the hills. Here you will find drifting, parking games, and you can also take part in street races. You can ride an off-road vehicle, take part in a rally. In racing games, you can master not only a car, but also other vehicles - a boat, an airplane, a motorcycle, a skate, a scooter and many fantastic models of spacecraft.

One of the popular categories is the strategy category. There are business games, Tower Defense, war games, construction games, cafe games, shops and restaurants, Empire games.

Also on the portal there are action games, adventure games and many others, both for one player and multiplayer.