The online power up games category contains games in which the main character is energy.

What is energy?

Energy is the driving force by which many things and actions in the world are performed. Water energy helps generate electricity, solar energy powers many man-made machines, and wind energy helps windmills run. With the help of the interchange of energies, life takes place on the planet.

But energy is only capable of something if the energy source has its supply. As soon as the energy source is empty, it needs to be urgently replenished. Strength is also energy, therefore, when a person eats and plays sports, rests or sleeps, he gains vitality or energy. With this strength, he can more easily endure cold and physical activity.

Stock up on energy and recharge with power up games!

All online power up games with their plots are based on the theory of energies.

All online games offer the user interaction with energies. You open any game, and in it you will be given a task: to charge a source of energy, direct energy somewhere, make some mechanism work with the help of energy, or get additional energy.

And from the character himself it will take a lot of physical and mental energy in order to complete the tasks that the next game sets for the player. The most important energy that can be found in online power up games is strength. If the player applies enough force and is able to patiently wait for the energy level to climax, that is, the maximum, then the player can make a strong enough throw or shot to reach the goal and win the game.

What online power up games do we have?

Among the favorite among online power up games users are speed games. If you have an open, clean road in front of you, then you can fly along it at incredible speed. It doesn't matter if you are driving a car or a glowing fireball. Your task is to bypass all obstacles, if they appear, and also collect all bonus crystals along the way.

These games can be presented in a wide variety of plots, but their essence remains the same: your ball continues to fly forward as long as there is enough energy in it. Energy can be replenished only through the collected bonuses.

There are also such online games in which, before making a move or throw, push or shot, you need to gain a sufficient level of energy. Such games can be presented in stories about sports, and then the success of an athlete depends on how patiently the player gains energy before making his move. Also, such games can be presented in the genre of shooters or fights.

There are quite a few online power up games for girls. In these games, the graphics and designs have soft pink hues and many shiny and iridescent design elements. Girls will love this design.