In many ways, badminton games resemble a game of tennis, only instead of a ball there is a shuttlecock, and the rackets themselves are smaller and much lighter. But behind such a familiar game as badminton, there is a long and interesting history.

What are badminton games?

People of all ages are very fond of this game. It's hard to find a family that doesn't have badminton rackets. People play badminton during outdoor recreation with friends, small children play games on the lawn in front of the house and in the courtyards of high-rise buildings. But badminton games has one drawback: this game cannot be played if the weather is bad outside and the wind is blowing.

But at such moments, online badminton games will be a real salvation for all fans of this sport. You can play your favorite game without leaving your room and without getting up from your computer. The online format games takes into account all the features of real badminton, so that each player will have a real chance to learn how to play and learn all the rules.

The history of badminton games

The history of badminton games has its roots in India, in which the locals taught officers from England in the 19th century to play puna, an ancient Indian game. It was this game that became the progenitor of badminton games, because after the English officers learned to play it, they told about this game in England, and the game began to spread throughout Europe.

Badminton got its name from the name of the estate of Duke Charles Somerset of Beaufort. The estate was called Badminton House. The Duke was very fond of sports, wrote many books about a variety of sports. It was in this estate that the first playground for a new game appeared in 1873. And only twenty years later, when the game became very popular, the rules of badminton games were formulated.

And only a hundred years later this sport became official, badminton championships began to be held.

How is badminton played?

In order to play badminton both in real life and in the online gaming world, you must have a special racket and shuttlecock.

In real life, badminton games also need good weather, because the shuttlecock is very light and can be easily blown away by the wind.

The badminton racket was originally made of wood. Wooden rackets broke easily, unable to withstand impacts, so gradually the industry began to make badminton rackets from aluminum and durable plastic.

The shuttlecock for games can be made of plastic or feathers. If you are not a professional athlete, then you can play with a plastic shuttle, but for professional athletes, a feather shuttle is used.

But all this does not matter if you play online badminton games, because for such games you do not need to buy rackets or shuttlecocks - all this is already on the screen of your computer or gadget. You just have to start the game and earn as many points as possible.