This category contains games that are simulators of those types of sports team games in which there is such a concept as a goal.

What is a goal in football?

In some game sports, the entire course of the game and its outcome depends on how many goals the team scores against the opponents. A goal occurs when a member of a sports team manages to send the ball into the goal of the other team. For this, the team is awarded a point. Points can be awarded for other actions on the playing field, but in sports such as football, you can only earn a point with a goal.

In which sports games the whole game is about scoring, which is why the goal is so important? This is football and all its types, ice hockey and bandy, water polo and polo, as well as handball.

A violation of the rules and a reason not to score a goal is a number of nuances of the game: finding the ball at the time of the goal outside the game and many others. According to football rules, the winner of the game is the team that scores the most goals per game.

If the teams did not manage to score a single goal during the game, then a penalty kick is awarded to determine the winner.

Goal in other sports and own goal

Also, such a thing as a goal exists in ice hockey and bandy. In the event that the game is played with the puck, a goal is awarded if the puck enters the goal, but passes under the crossbar and crosses the line between the goal posts completely.

In hockey, the winner is also determined by the number of goals scored: whoever scores more goals into the opponent's goal wins the game.

Also, players who are interested in our goal games will be interested to learn about such a concept as "own goal".

An own goal is a game situation when an athlete scores a goal into his own goal. This situation is random, but an own goal occurs quite often, about once in fifty cases of a goal. In the event of an own goal, a game point is awarded to the opposing team. There is even a history of own goal records, which were so epic and so important for the outcome of the game that they went down in history. Some athletes even paid with their lives for such a blunder: Colombian footballer Escobar was killed by an angry fan.

What goal games do we have?

Since goal games are always associated with some kind of sport, the goal games category contains simulators of such sports. The most popular in this section are simulation football games. Most often, goal games are represented by penalty shootout games, where the player is required to score a goal against the goal either against time or by the number of attempts.

Since this type of games is designed for players who know football rules and know how to play football, as well as are football fans, famous football players are the characters in goal games. If you are going to devote your time to our goal games, then you can choose a suitable character from among your favorite football players.