For some reason, many people think that online color games are fun for girls only. But among online games users there are a lot of boys and even older men. Because such a creative activity as color games is very exciting for any person, no matter how old he is.

Why we choose color games?

You can find color games as a separate category of online games, or you can find the task to paint a picture in any other game of completely opposite genres. Each of us plays games from early childhood. And now we have the opportunity to play games in the virtual world as well.
Why are virtual games better than the same, but in the form of books or on paper? The first reason: online color games is much more economical because you don't need to spend money on new books with games. You just need to open your browser.

The second reason: you can correct all your mistakes and blots. What happens when on paper games you paint a sector in the wrong color? You have to buy a new book from color games because this one turns out to be corrupted. What happens when you make a mistake in online games? You just erase it and start over.

A bit of history of color games

The history of games is very long. The first color games appeared at the end of the 19th century. And such books became popular only when they began to be released in the early 20th century in the form of comics that were not fully colored.

Paper color games reached worldwide popularity in the second half of the 20th century, when a wide variety of pictures for coloring appeared in them.
And only by the end of the 20th century, games for adults appeared. They were educational in nature: with the help of such coloring pages, adults could study anatomy and physiology, geography.

Why are color games useful?

Psychologists believe that color games are very useful for the human psyche and nervous system. When a person performs monotonous movements, it relaxes him. It can be pencil or brush movements in paper games, or monotonous mouse movements in online coloring pages.

When a person decides which color to choose, it develops his creative taste and imagination. A person learns to correlate different colors with each other, to build color harmony.

Nowadays, there are a huge number of color games for adults, which are called anti-stress, because with their help a person restores his mental state and calms his nervous system.

Also, such games are very useful for young children who get to know the world through games and learn to analyze its constituent parts. The child chooses a color with which to paint an animal and a bird, and consolidates knowledge about the world around him.

Boys and men are very fond of complex games in which they need to color complex drawings with cars or robots. Such drawings consist of many small details, and their implementation requires care and skill.