The category Moana Games contains games in which the main character is the girl Moana. She is also a character in the very popular Walt Disney cartoon.

Who is Moana?

The Moana cartoon tells about what happened to a little girl who lived on an island in the Pacific Ocean two thousand years ago. The cartoon was released in 2016 and immediately gained many fans around the world.

The main characters of the cartoon are the girl Moana, her friend the demigod Maui, as well as many other inhabitants of the islands on which the action takes place. Moana is the princess of the island. At the time when the events of the cartoon take place, people still worshiped gods and demigods. Since then, stone idols and altars for sacrifice have been preserved in some places on earth. One of these gods was met by Moana on the island of the trickster Maui, who will help Princess Moana find her family.

Plots moana games

The moana games plots relate to the events that took place in the cartoon about Moana. You can take part in a wide variety of adventures. Real monsters and strange animals will block Moane and Maui’s path. And on the islands in the Pacific Ocean, you can easily get into a storm, even meet obstacles in the form of tsunamis or earthquakes.

During their travels, moana games heroes must complete a huge number of tasks in order to reach their goal. These tasks can be very different, it depends on what genre games belong to.

In the plots of moana games, you can find those that were not in the original cartoon: the game developers have come up with many interesting plots and stories in order to make moana games even more exciting and colorful.

What moana games do we have?

The moana games category contains a wide variety of genres. Moana and her friend are very fond of girls of all ages, so games for girls are the most common. Among these games you can find games makeover, moana games dress up games, and games in which you have to work on interior design. Since the place of residence of Moana is an island, then you will not create a design in an ordinary house or apartment, but in a hut made of bamboo branches and palm leaves. But even in such a home, you can create a creative interior.

Another common genre of moana games is logic games and puzzles. Throughout the plot of the original cartoon, Moana had to solve a variety of problems and find a way out of difficult situations. Her faithful friend Maui helped her in this. And in moana games you will also have the opportunity to help Moana achieve her goal.

Of course, among games there are also sports games, as well as active games such as racing or shooting games, because the life of Moana and her tribe on the islands is always active. Her peers know how to move perfectly, run fast and climb the tallest trees. If you want to compete with them, then this genre of moana games will definitely please you.