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Many children dream of becoming doctors. But very few people dream of becoming dentists. The reason for this is that children are afraid of dentists. But that's the reason kids love dentist games a lot.

The profession of a dentist is the choice of fearless people with good teeth.

Being a dentist or dentist is a responsible business. A doctor who treats teeth must be not only a professional, but also a fearless, selfless person. Because people don't like to go to the dentist so much that they are ready to fight, just not to sit in the dentist's chair.

But in online dentist games absolutely anyone can become a dentist. It's very fun and completely safe. Dentist patients at dentist games can be both famous cartoon characters and celebrities, fabulous creatures and real people. And they all sit in the dentist's chair with joy, because dental treatment at games is fun and enjoyable.

How much do you know about your teeth?

The dentist games category is a collection of games that do more than just have fun and entertainment. If you play games, then you have a chance to learn how your own teeth are arranged. How much do you know about your teeth?

How many teeth do you have in your mouth? Do you take proper care of your teeth? Because with the wrong care of your teeth, you can have much less of them.

If you try yourself as a dentist at dentist games, you will have the opportunity to tell your patients interesting facts about teeth. This way you can distract patients from dental treatment. And then they will be less afraid.

Interesting dental facts you can learn at dentist games

If after dentist games you have a desire to connect your life with medicine and dentistry, then you should know interesting facts about teeth. This is necessary in order for you to become a real professional dentist. It will also make your dental treatment session much more interesting.

For example, both you and your future patients will be interested to know that dental health is closely related to memory. Therefore, the better and healthier the teeth, the stronger the memory.

It will also be interesting for your patients to know that ancient birds had teeth, although modern birds do not.

If we compare humans and animals, then animals with teeth are much more fortunate than us, because rodents grow teeth throughout their life. So, unlike a human, even if a mouse or a hamster loses a tooth, they will immediately grow a new one, so you don't have to go and put a seal.

When you start working as a dentist, both in dentist games and in real life, you will be convinced that all dentist instruments must have diamond tips. This is due to the fact that the enamel on human teeth is very strong, so no other drills can pierce it.

And it will also be interesting for you to know that Hippocrates himself named milk teeth that way, because he thought that milk teeth grow in small children, because they eat mother's milk.