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Each of us has our favorite pets. Someone loves dogs, someone - rabbits, and at someone at home lives a chameleon.

But the number of cat lovers on the globe exceeds all reasonable limits.

Who invented cat games

Such games were invented and developed specifically for those people who cannot live without a cat in their life. And even if there is no small pet at home, cat lovers can play with small fluffy animals online.

Who likes cat games? Of course, the girls are delighted with the little cute kittens.

But if you think that among the fans of such games there are only girls, then you are very mistaken. Among the users who constantly play cat games, there are a lot of males.

And all because cats are a very fighting and wayward animal. They have a fairly cocky character, so cats constantly get involved in fights. Why do cats and cats have such an unbearable character?

Cat story

Why are cats given so much attention? There is even a special category of cat games.

And all because there is no more mysterious creature on the planet than a cat.

You know, when the first cats came to a human dwelling and allowed a person to take care of themselves? This happened back in ancient Egypt. The first cats were depicted on the walls of the Egyptian pyramids. True, those cats were slightly different from modern ones and were called reed cats. But these were the ancestors of our cats. It seems that their wild and absurd disposition was inherited from reed cats.

The cat was always next to the person. And in cat games, cute cats and cats will not only become the heroes of the games - they will help you cope with the most difficult tasks and problems, support you in difficult times and give the necessary tips.

Different genres and heroes of cat games

For boys, you can find a lot of different online cat games: shooters, adventures, races, and quests are here. The main characters in such games, of course, are the most famous cats that we know from films and cartoons. In the first place in popularity is the Cat from the cartoon about Shrek. His look, full of defenselessness, can deceive anyone, but not the true connoisseurs of cat games. This cat is a real bully, he won many battles, he will win this time, especially if you play on his side.

Another iconic online cat games hero is the famous Tom, who suffered so much during the years of his battles that he lost his former gloss. But this did not prevent him from remaining a bold and decisive, enterprising cat.

You can find cat games in a wide variety of genres. But in terms of the number of the most popular, I lead drawing and coloring books, because everyone wants to learn how to draw beautiful cute cats. There are also many puzzles with cats, logic games, arcades and adventures.