In the drag games category, there are games whose plot is dedicated to such an unusual type of racing as drag racing. This is street racing, the world of which is exciting and extreme. This is a world of insane speed, cool cars and the opportunity to earn huge money in just one ride.

What is drag racing?

Drag racing - this is the name of the competition of racers in the sprint passage of a track with a length of four hundred meters, that is, a quarter mile. Also drag games can involve the passage of the route for half a mile and an eighth of a mile.

This competition involves an acceleration race. Such races are always carried out on a straight, clean track.

The birthplace of drag games can be called America, in which this type of racing is most popular. In many countries around the world, special tracks are being built for drag races.

What type of transport can I use for drag games?

Anything can be used as a vehicle in drag games. In the process of racing, the most popular competitions are distinguished - on jet cars, as well as on boats with piston engines and on motorcycles. There are also extreme types of drag races. In these types of competitions, players use original types of transport: scooters, bicycles, tractors or electric cars, and even lawn mowers. If a player takes part in a professional race, then for this he needs to acquire a professional car, which will be specially designed in accordance with the requirements of the racer. These cars are called dragsters. A feature of the dragster is that its design is as light as possible, the control also has a lightweight version, but such cars have a powerful engine.

What should you know about the drag games rules?

The player should be aware of the division of riders into classes, which are usually distinguished in drag races. Not only the status of the rider depends on the class, but also the type of transport that he uses for the competition, as well as the type of track.

Street Light class will compete on the simplest car, and Fast Street A, B, C will compete on a car with an increased engine capacity. There are also Unlimited Street and Super Stock classes. In the last class, which is the highest, the car must have such characteristics that it can cover a four hundred two meters or quarter mile track in a maximum of ten seconds.

The drag games category features the coolest and most interesting drag racing simulators. They are made as realistic as possible, taking into account all the rules and characteristics of this type of competition. The player has the opportunity to go through the training stage of driving a car, pass sequentially tracks with increasing difficulty and earn game points. Also, the player can choose a car.

For the game, the user chooses the type of races that he likes best: races can be held against an opponent from among novices or against drag games champions who have already taken the first lines of the rating. The user himself can choose the level of difficulty of the track and a suitable car.