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Amazingly beautiful, uniquely intelligent, amazingly artistic dolphins! The dolphin games category is dedicated to dolphins. People of all ages like to play such games, because games always give a good mood and positive.

Wonderful dolphins are the characters of dolphin games

Who are dolphins and why does everyone love them so much? Dolphins are mammals that live in the seas. Because dolphins are very intelligent creatures and are easy to train, they have become heroes of numerous cartoons and movies.

Many songs have been invented about dolphins, they are often painted. Dolphins are loved very much for their friendly nature, for the fact that they very often come to the aid of people.

Dolphin games are especially popular because they offer not only the opportunity to make friends and play with dolphins, but also immerse themselves in the sea world. If you love sea games, then dolphin games will give you doubly pleasure.

Interesting facts about dolphins

Dolphins' unique ability to transmit information to each other over long distances underwater has inspired many writers to create fantastic dolphin stories.

Baby dolphins are born with hair in the form of small antennae. With the help of such antennae, very small dolphins are looking for their mother. But over time, these antennae disappear.

Dolphins do not know how to chew, so they look at people chewing gum in surprise.

The dolphin has more brain than humans. This also applies to the size of the brain and its structure, that is, the number of convolutions and nerve cells.

Dolphins know how to be ashamed, they have a sense of compassion, which is why so many cases can be cited when dolphins save people who are starting to drown. Dolphins also know how to be friends and repent of their actions.

Dolphin's vision is amazingly arranged: they have panoramic vision and are able to see 300 degrees around them.

What dolphin games do we have?

Most dolphin games have a story that takes place in the water. The scene of such a game can be the sea or the swimming pool in the dolphinarium. According to the plot, the dolphin must swim some distance for a while and overcome an obstacle. Such a plot can be found in racing games. Sometimes, according to the plot, the dolphin has to compete with a boat or a submarine.

Another category of dolphin games offers a search task in which the dolphin needs to find objects in the pool, other dolphins or people who are in trouble. These games combine the genres of arcade and adventure games with the genre of quests. On the way, dolphins may encounter dangers in the form of their enemies: sharks or jellyfish, as well as insidious hedgehog fish.

Girls especially like the genres of puzzles and puzzles, because in such games you will have the opportunity to create a beautiful picture with dolphins, and then save it as a keepsake, print it and hang it on the wall.

A lot of dolphin games are created in the genre of drawing and coloring books. For young children, wonderful educational games with dolphins have been created, which adults will also be happy to play.