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Why don't people fly like birds? This question has been asked by people at all times. And now people still dream of learning to fly.

In what ways can people fly?

Now people have learned to fly in different ways. They invented airplanes and helicopters, airplanes and many other devices for this. Only until now they have not figured out how to learn to fly like birds.

The flight games category contains games in which everyone can try to fly in a variety of ways. And also help characters who do not know how to fly.

If you dream of flying, then you will definitely love some of the flight games.

Future pilots love flight games

The most popular category of flight games is airplane simulators. In such games, you can find yourself inside the cockpit in the pilot's seat. You will control a huge flying machine and look at the ground from a height. An unforgettable experience awaits you. But learning to fly an airplane is very difficult. Therefore, get ready to study carefully all the controls of the aircraft, go through the training stage of the game. And only then start flying.

Be sure to make sure that there is a faithful co-pilot next to you, who will be your assistant and friend. Because high in the sky there is no time to think - you need to make decisions quickly and not hesitate.

Pilot assistants in flight will be a crew of mechanics and flight attendants who also undergo pre-flight training. With a good crew, you will not be scared and will be easy to fly.

Flight games with helicopters will be interesting for future pilots. The helicopter is one of the most popular flying vehicles. The helicopter will be able to fly in and land even in areas that cannot be reached by any other vehicle. Helicopter control is also very difficult, so if you are going to play the helicopter simulator, be careful while learning.

What other genres of flight games do we have?

Among flight games, there are many comic games in which not you, but other characters will fly. You can teach flying to little chicks who are afraid to get out of the nest and spread their wings. You can also launch paper planes. You can hang glider or fly quadcopters.

Among flight games there are quite a few of them, the plot of which is based on flight methods that seem unusual to you. Have you ever tried flying in a huge soap bubble? You can also try flying with a propeller strapped to your back, as Carlson did from the famous fairy tale. A very popular way to fly is a catapult, which can launch a person into flight over very long distances.

Another fun way to fly is to sit on a cannonball and fire the cannon. This method may seem strange to you, but there is even a famous fairy tale in which the main character flew just like that. You can also saddle a bird and fly on top of it, and then the whole earth will open up in front of you from a bird's eye view.