Games in the stunt games category will appeal to those players who are fascinated by the skill of people performing stunts. You can perform tricks with your own body, or you can do it on gymnastic and sports equipment or on vehicles.

What's the trick?

A trick can be a technique or a skillful maneuver that an ordinary person cannot do, because in order to perform it, one must have a high level of skill and have in-depth knowledge of both the technique of performing it and the vehicle in which the trick is performed.

Athletes, pilots of land, water or air vehicles, representatives of the circus arts, can perform the tricks.

Also in the cinema, stunt specialists are in great demand, capable of performing dangerous stunts. Stunts are elements of performances, theater and circus performances and shows. Without performing stunts, many areas of the entertainment industry would not look so impressive and impressive.

Movies and stunt games

In the stunt games category, there are very often such games that in their plot have references to popular well-known films.

On the set, stuntmen disguised as actors in the character, so on the screen it seems to the viewer that the performer of the role himself performs dangerous stunts perform stunts.

When the cinema was still without sound, tricks were of great importance precisely as an expressive means. The stunts were performed for fun and had a comedic effect. In modern cinema, not only those stunts that a person performs, but also stunts on vehicles are used.

Among the actors who performed the stunts themselves in the films in which they starred, the record holder is Jackie Chan. And in terms of the amount spent on setting finance, the record holder is the trick used in the movie "Titanic" at the moment the ship was submerged. For cinematic stunts and the actors who performed them, there is even a special section in the Guinness Book of Records.

What vehicles can you perform stunts on?

Drivers in a direction called «extreme driving» perform car stunts. The extreme driving program includes such stunts as a sharp turn, avoiding obstacles at full speed, leaving a very tight parking lot, starting with a slip, a controlled skid and a police turn.

Also, cool stunts can be performed on motorcycles, scooters, boats, airplanes, as well as many other vehicles. Among modern youth, the art of performing tricks on a skateboard has gained wide popularity. In parks and squares, you can see many teenagers learning to perform cool tricks on roller skates. There are also many sports that involve performing tricks - figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, snowboarding.

In the stunt games category, you will have the opportunity to try to perform stunts in any vehicle. And even take part in a show with dolphins, who also know how to perform circus tricks. But remember to be safe when performing any trick. Do not repeat in real life those tricks that you can easily do in the virtual world.