Hello Kitty games is a unique phenomenon not only in the world of computer games, but in general in popular culture. This cute white kitty is a favorite of both young children and their parents. There is not a single person on the globe who does not know or at least once has not seen hello kitty.

Hello Kitty games history

Kitty is a kitty from Japan. Many people think that this wonderful character was invented quite recently, but hello kitty has a very long history. This character appeared in 1974. It was then that a kitty named Kitty was invented by a man named Shintaro Tsuji. He was the owner of a company that made toys.

The cat received this name in honor of the kitten with which the girl Alice, the character of the fairy tales of Lewis Carroll, played. Why was a greeting added to Kitty's name? Because the creator of the toy wanted it to be the most welcoming and most positive and friendly toy ever. This is how hello kitty was born.

Hello kitty plot

After hello kitty herself appeared, a story about her life was also invented, and now everyone around her knows the story of the little kitty.

Kitty kitty was born on November 1 in London. She was five apples in height, and weighed exactly as much as three apples weighed.

Many people do not even suspect that Kitty has a twin sister: the exact same kitty named Mimmy.

Kitty's favorite dish is the apple pie her mom bakes. Kitty also loves cookies.

Since Kitty loves to draw, there are a lot of Hello Kitty games in our collection. You can draw Kitty or color her, come up with a new hairstyle and outfit for her.

We also have a huge number of Hello Kitty games puzzles, and if you collect Kitty's portrait, you can print out a wonderful picture, created by yourself.

Kitty kitty is a big fashionista. Therefore, a huge number of dress up games have been created for her. You can create your own designer outfit for hello kitty, or you can choose from the variety of models that we have.

How are Hello Kitty games useful?

Psychologists say that children's enthusiasm for Hello Kitty games is very beneficial for the psyche of children. When Hello Kitty was created in Japanese culture, the creator based its image on the idea of ​​friendship. This is why games character is very friendly. Hello Kitty games make children feel secure, girls are taught femininity, and boys are taught to protect and help the weak.

For girls, the hello kitty image is associated with a child, whom they love to look after and take care of. This is very useful for the development of the qualities of the expectant mother in girls. Hello Kitty's image is laconic and harmonious, and this develops an artistic taste in children.

All games are based on life patterns, so they develop in young children the ability to make decisions in different life situations.