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If you are interested in such an ancient and interesting type of weapon as a cannon, then you will love the games in the cannon games category. Here are the most interesting and exciting cannon games for all ages.

What is a cannon?

The gun has a long barrel and the ability to shoot cannonballs at stationary and moving targets. This type of weapon has been used in military affairs for a very long time. The cannon was invented in China when gunpowder appeared. It happened in the 10th century, and then bamboo tubes were used as a cannon barrel.

After that, guns went through a long development in their history, and are now used only as an element of other weapons.

Cannons can be installed on ships, they were often used by pirates. Cannons can also be installed on cars.

What cannons can be found in cannon games?

In our section cannon games you can find all types of guns that exist in the world. These will be military games where you have to take part in a massive epic battle. It can be a sea battle where you have to shoot pirate ships with a cannon.

But also in cannon games you can find such unusual types of guns, which themselves look very original, and they will shoot with such objects that are not suitable for shooting.

With the help of a cannon, you can destroy not only a wall, but even an entire house. This feature of cannons was actively used in the Middle Ages, when it was necessary to take a fortress or city with battle. The cannons were installed on the city tower and fired from it at the enemy soldiers and invaders. But the invaders also brought with them cannons, from which they fired at the city gates and walls. The outcome of the battle depended on the gun.

In our games you can meet a variety of locations, different periods of history. Cannons were used not only in the past: now there are also many weapons that fire from cannons. If you like to play fantasy cannon games, then you will have a very cool weapon - a laser cannon.

Why cannon games are useful?

Since shooting a cannon is not as easy as you might think, such games are very useful for developing many personality traits and skills. For example, shooting a cannon develops the eye very well. If you are firing a cannon, you must take into account both the force of the shot and the range of the projectile, and the fact that the projectile's speed will gradually decrease. All these indicators need to be taken into account, therefore cannon games are both educational and educational in nature. They will teach you how to navigate in such physical quantities as acceleration, flight path and many others.

Also, cannon games are able to develop in a person such psychological qualities as patience and endurance. A person who shoots a cannon must be able to keep cool, wait for the right moment, take his time and pacify his excitement. And when firing a cannon at a moving target, the player must be able to control and focus his attention.