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The japanese games category includes a wide variety of games of absolutely any genre and direction. What unites japanese games is the fact that the heroes in them are iconic characters that Japan gave to the world.

Japanese games characters

The most famous characters in japanese games come from anime, because anime is the genre that Japan brought to the world.

Some of the most famous characters in anime and japanese games include such iconic playable characters as:

- Shinji Ikari from the Evangelion manga, a fourteen-year-old boy who controls robots but is completely unable to communicate with living people;
- the rubber man Monkey D. Luffy, piloting the treasure ship;
- the boy who sees ghosts, Kurosaki Ichigo;
- Dragon Ball's Vegeta and Son Goku as they fight Majin Buu and Cell;
- Arsene Lupine III is a charming and lucky thief who has friends the samurai Goemon and the shooter Jigen.

Iconic heroes of online games from Japan

Among the characters of online games that Japan gave to the whole world, there are such heroes who have long gone beyond the limits of only Japanese characters or only anime characters and have become a world heritage. People in all corners of the world and in all languages know them.
Many japanese games have been created based on such characters. This is the famous Totoro, the furry and shaggy forest guardian, who was invented by the cult Japanese director Miyazaki. This is the charming Usagi Tsukino, better known by the name of Sailor Moon. She fights evil for the moon. It is also Pokémon Pikachu and all the other Pokémon that have become the most famous online video game characters ever. There are many wonderful online games in which the main character is a ninja boy Naruto Uzumaki, inside of whom is a demonic Fox. Speed Racer, the famous racer who drives his Mach 5 supercar to win every medal in every competition, presents exciting races in the japanese games category. Space games are represented by games with Spike Spiegel and his spaceship Bebop. Another striking hero, with whom many games have been created, is Astro Boy or an android robot, whose childish character is combined with the superpowers of a robot - great power, the ability to fly and the ability to speak all languages of the world. And all the children of the world adore Hello Kitty - this character also came to us from Japan.

What are the types of japanese games?

Among japanese games, fighting games are widely represented, in which the main characters are samurai and ninja. Both of these types of warriors come to us from Japanese culture. Samurai are warriors who are so devoted to their master that they can take their own lives for him. Ninja are specially trained assassins who can move with superhuman agility and are merciless in battle.

Also among japanese games there are many anime-based games of all genres: arcade and shooting games, battles and role-playing games, creative drawing and coloring games, logic games and dress up games.