This category contains games that are dedicated to beauty and health. These two concepts accompany a real beauty throughout her life.

What is SPA?

The term "SPA" can be heard everywhere now. And each of the players in online games knows what this concept means. Nevertheless, we remind you that SPA is not just beauty salons. A physical therapy method helps a person maintain health, youth and beauty.

SPA is always associated with water. There are even cities that are geographically convenient for people to come and receive water treatments there. Such cities are called spa resorts.

The spa games category contains games in which you have the opportunity to try yourself as a spa employee. The spa staff provide special treatments to rejuvenate and rejuvenate their clients.

Try yourself as a spa employee in spa games

What services do modern spa staff offer their clients? You can offer all these procedures to your clients in spa games.

Hair treatments include mineralization and wrapping, lamination and scrubbing of the head, as well as scalp massage and application of special masks to make hair grow better and look radiant.

Facial treatments include facial massages, face masks, peeling and scrubbing, as well as applying cosmetics based on minerals to the face.

Hand treatments are special manicure programs that include special nourishing hand baths, massage and paraffin therapy.

Foot treatments also include massage, special baths, wraps and foot masks.

The basis of any spa complex is baths with special nourishing fillings, as well as a jacuzzi, which will provide your client with an effective hydromassage.

You can easily master all these procedures while playing spa games.

Bath and aromatherapy are also part of the spa games

Some spa games are dedicated to the bath, in which you will also have the opportunity to carry out a number of procedures for your client. In the bath, hot steam has a beneficial effect on human skin, cleanses it of toxins, and nutrients penetrate the body through the pores of the skin.

An obligatory element of spa treatments is aromatherapy, which accompanies both baths and massage. By playing spa games, you can easily master the profession of a massage therapist and many other processions that are in demand in the beauty industry today.

Spa salons are a very popular and demanded destination, so the knowledge about spa treatments that you acquire while playing spa games will be very useful to you in the future. Often, after a person tries himself as a massage therapist or cosmetologist in the game, he makes a choice in favor of this profession, choosing it for his future.

But for a spa worker, there is a special professional code that he must adhere to. You should be polite with clients, strictly follow the sequence of procedures, as well as observe cleanliness and safety requirements.

If the client is not satisfied with your work, then you will be sure to point out your mistakes. And then you have to start the game over, because your client will be unhappy. In spa games your client might be a celebrity or famous movie or cartoon characters, so try to please them.