Among all online games, the match 3 games category is perhaps the most demanded in the whole world for representatives of all ages, any gender and level of education. Game developers themselves cannot say what the secret of match 3 games popularity is. It is believed that in every smartphone, tablet and gadget, at least one of match 3 games is required. This genre includes game hits such as Zuma or Candy Crush Saga.

The history of the match 3 games genre

The computer genre of match 3 games is a game in which the game world is represented by a grid of elements or a table within which elements are located or appear. The player must manipulate these elements so that the pattern combinations that the game itself sets match. After such a combination matches, these elements will disappear from the grid.

The most famous of match 3 games, which made this genre famous, was Bejeweled. This game appeared in 2001, and its ancestor was the game "Balls", known since 1994. But if you dig deeper, you can recognize the famous Tetris as the game that stood at the origins of the genre.

What makes match 3 games different?

For games of the match 3 games category, some features are characteristic:

- match 3 games are designed for people over thirty-five years old, and mainly for women,
- these games are downloaded by users, these games need a small amount of memory,
- match 3 games support absolutely all platforms, even computers of the very first generation,
- Shareware game download model: the player plays for free either a certain period of time, or only in the starting set of functions, and later he is asked to pay to get the content.

It is also characteristic of such games that their game sessions are short, and the beginning of the game is not complicated by the requirements of certain manipulations. The player can interrupt the game quite easily, and then return to the game is also easy.

Another special feature: match 3 games automatically save the game session, so that the player can return to the game from the moment at which he finished.

Popularity match 3 games

Games of this genre are so popular that if you take the top ten highest-grossing games of the year, then at least three representatives of the match 3 games genre will definitely be included in this ten.

Many people wonder why these games are so popular.

One of the reasons for this popularity, the researchers believe the issue is the expanded gameplay, where in addition to the main game, players have the opportunity to switch to other modes.

Another reason can be called the ability of players to conduct social communication through the game, since in such games there is an opportunity not only to earn bonuses, but also to exchange them, give them to each other, there are tables of the best players.

And the main secret lies in the simplicity of the rules of the game and in the fascination of the game process. The player does not need much thought: he can play such games in transport and at work, in between cases, and this will not distract him.