The name Nintendo is familiar to everyone whose childhood passed with a joystick for a television game console in their hands. The Nintendo consoles played the coolest, since this company was a leader in the gaming market.

Nes games - these are the names of the games that were created for the Nintendo Entertainment System, an eight-bit console that teenagers and youth all over the world loved.

History of nes games

The history of this console began in Japan in 1983, when it was still called Famicom. The advantage of this console was that with it a huge package of games was offered. This package included the legendary Super Mario Bros.

The Mario game so quickly became popular that it brought tremendous success to both its creators and the console itself. Nintendo Corporation has even decided to make Mario its mascot.

Gaming industry experts also say that the release of this console and the nes games package helped revive the gaming market, which at that time was in crisis. After the release of the console, the interest of both game developers and users has increased dramatically.

And although the release of the console was completely discontinued in 2003, nes games are still legendary.

The most famous nes games

In most nes games, modern users can play through emulators on their computers. Also, a lot of offers nes games are online on various portals with games.

The NES game package was presented by such games as Bubble Bobble, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Ice Climber, Castlevania, Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Ninja Gaiden, The Legend of Zelda and many others.

Among the most legendary and memorable can be called the game Pac-Man. It was a video game from the arcade category. A funny yellow gingerbread man named Pac-Man moved, controlled by the player, through the maze and ate all the points that he met on his way. On the way he met ghosts, and he had to choose such a path so as not to meet with these ghosts.

The catchy design of this game made it one of the most popular console games of its time.

Online nes games

Today on the Internet on all kinds of portals with online video games you can find the full collection of nes games. And if very rare are rare, then those games that were once hits of the Nintendo console are presented in full force. Among real hits of nes games in the first place are the entire series of Super Mario Bros. games, the famous Tetris, the legendary Duck Hunt game, all the series of The Legend of Zelda and many others.
Among games, all genres and categories are presented, here everyone will find entertainment to their taste. The legendary name of the company and the authority that all nes games managed to earn during their existence on consoles have done their job: at present, Nintendo games are in demand among modern visitors to gaming sites no less than previous generations of gamers - their parents, grandmothers and grandfathers.