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There are no children in the world who would not like to go to the zoo! It's so interesting to meet animals, see how they live, play with them. All this you can do in zoo games.

What is a zoo?

Nowadays, when most people live in a big city, many children have never seen animals in reality. If you live with your parents in a cramped apartment in the city center, then you will not even be allowed to have a parrot or a guinea pig. And communication with animals is happiness for every child. Therefore, zoo games is your lucky chance to visit the zoo and meet animals. Some zoo games even have the option to open your own zoo and organize it.

The first zoos were created not for entertainment, but for scientific activity. Animals in such zoos were kept in order to observe their behavior and study them. Modern zoos are created for both scientific activity and entertainment, but the state obliges zoo owners to provide all animals that are kept in the zoo with proper care.

How does a zoo work?

If you play zoo games where you are required to organize your own zoo and set it up, then you should know how the zoo works. You must study the system by which the zoo operates. Also, you should know everything about each animal that is kept in your zoo. What does this animal eat? What temperature must be provided for him to live?

Zoos have existed since the days of Ancient Egypt: they kept wild animals. The oldest zoo existed in 3500 BC, it contained wild cats, baboons, elephants and hippos. But if in Ancient Egypt zoos were kept for the purpose of entertainment, then in Ancient China such zoos were called "Gardens of Knowledge".

Aquariums are also classified as zoos. In the zoo, the landscape of the area where the animal lives must be recreated.

What types of zoo games are there?

Games in the zoo games category differ in their genres.

The most popular of them are mini-games, in which the player, according to the principle of tamagotchi games, must take care of the animals, do not forget to feed them and clean up after them. These games are simulations that offer you a computerized version of a pet.

Another type of zoo games are strategy games in which you are invited to build a business by opening your own zoo. In such games, you need to be able to plan and think over your actions to the smallest detail. But even if you are a brilliant manager and businessman, you will not be able to open a good zoo that will be popular with visitors if you do not love animals and take good care of them.

One of the options for zoo games is educational games in which you are invited to play a quiz that is dedicated to animals. In such games you will have the opportunity to show your knowledge. There are also logic games where you will solve problems and puzzles about animals. In such games you will have the opportunity to test and train your logical thinking, attention and intelligence.