The Nyan Cat Games category contains games in which the main character is an amazing creature - nyan cat. Do you want to know who he is and why he is so popular all over the world? Then let's get acquainted.

Who is Nyan Cat?

In 2011, a video was posted on YouTube titled "Nyan Cat". Unexpectedly for its creators, this video became so popular that the character Nyan Cat himself very soon became a popular Internet meme.

What is this nyan cat video? As a result of a very successful combination of visual and musical components, the creators got a video in which a cat, whose body consists of Pop-Tarts cookies, flies in outer space accompanied by cheerful Japanese pop music, and a rainbow trail remains behind this cat.

In the year of its appearance on YouTube, this video took the third place among the videos with the highest number of views.

Who came up with nyan cat?

The author of the GIF animation, which was originally a video, is a guy from the American city of Dallas Christopher Torres. When nyan cat was created, Christopher was 25 years old. He posted this video on his own site LOL-Comics under his nickname prguitarman. The idea of ​​creating such an animation was suggested to the author by his interlocutors in a video chat, one of whom advised to draw a cookie, and the other a cat. As a result, the author combined two wishes in one, and the result was nyan cat.

Especially popular was the song nyan cat games, which accompanies the main character during the flight. This song appeared in 2010 on the Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga, where a user with the nickname daniwell uploaded it. To create this song, the voice of the holographic celebrity Hatsune Miku was used in the Vocaloid program. The sounds of a cat meowing in the Japanese version sound exactly like "Nya nya!" After that, a remix was created for this song. This song was added not by the author of the animation with nyan cat, but by the user saraj00n on YouTube. This user named the video "nyan cat". The author of the animation mentioned that his animation was originally called "Cat Pop-Tarts" after the name of the cookie, but noted that the name nyan cat also suits him.

It is also interesting that when creating Nyan Cat, Torres thought about his cat Marty, who became the prototype for nyan cat. The popularity of nyan cat is simply amazing.

What nyan cat games do we have?

Based on this meme, a huge number of nyan cat games were created, including those for mobile platforms. These are fun and colorful games of various genres and categories. In addition to games, a huge number of versions of ringtones, wallpapers were created, the image of nyan cat was taken as a basis by the creators of the applications. In honor of nyan cat, even its own crypto currency, Nyancoin, was created.

If you like light online games that are designed to be fun and positive, then you will also love games. Here you will find arcade games, logic games and puzzles, creative drawing and coloring games, as well as many other interesting genres and categories of nyan cat games.