This section presents games that are dedicated to technical sports called trial. These sports are not part of the Olympic Games, but are already present as sports at the World Games.

What is a trial?

It would be wrong to say that trial is the name of a sport. It would be more correct to define this concept as a general name for several sports in which an athlete is tasked with overcoming a natural or artificial obstacle in a certain sport. Depending on what kind of sport the athlete uses, there are a trial on a bicycle, a trial on a motorcycle, a trial on a jeep and a trial on a truck.

In this sport, as in trial games, it is important to pass the track not faster than everyone else, but rather all, without earning penalty points for your mistakes. Penalty points are awarded to athletes for touching with their body parts the obstacles that they overcome.

Varieties of trial games

Depending on the type of trial, as well as on what kind of transport the trial bike game character uses to overcome the obstacle, all trial games are divided into types.

If you love cycling, then you will love trial cycling games. Overcoming obstacles on a bicycle is quite difficult, because the character has to pedal and exert himself.

If you like motorcycle more then you will love trial games on motorcycles. This is a relatively young sport, not more than a century old. The British were the first to compete in the trial on motorcycles. At first, it was believed that this sport was suitable only for the wealthy, since the motorcycle was expensive.

If you like a car, then you can give preference to either a trial on jeeps or a trial on trucks.

A very popular sport is jeeptrial: such competitions in cars are held on a closed track, which is built or equipped specifically on an area that is divided into sections and has natural or artificial obstacles. On such a track, special gates are installed through which athletes in jeeps must pass in a certain sequence and not touch them.

What are the benefits of trial games?

All trial games are very good training for experienced drivers, as they allow them to hone their driving skills and pass the test for attentiveness and ability to react to emerging difficulties. But these games will also be useful for those who have no experience in driving vehicles.

All trial games are exciting and fun. Since the tracks for trial bike game are most often equipped in a variety of places and locations, the graphics and design of the game world in trial games are always detailed and well thought out, and have a special realism.

Also, trial games are characterized by simple controls, but for a successful game the player needs to concentrate and be very attentive. Since the obstacles in the game can be very different, and there may not be enough time for reaction, it is important for the player to thoroughly study the intricacies of controlling his vehicle before starting the gameplay.