Any genres of games sooner or later get bored. Even if you are an ardent fan of shooters or dress up games, who still sometimes really want something new. It's good that every year new games appear, based on the famous Internet memes, and each time such a meme appears more and more. One such game based on internet memes is trollface games or troll games.

What are trollface games?

The main component of trollface games is humor, because humor is at the heart of every Internet meme.

After Trollolo and his face became famous, the trollface games category appeared, and Trollolo himself became the hero of memes and demotivators.

Trollolo appeared on the Internet back in 2008. Since then, a huge number of troll games have been created in which he is the main character. Trollolo's face is very recognizable, so you will never confuse him with anyone if you see it once.

Most often, trollface games are created in the form of quests. But troll games are necessarily based on trolling, from which it got its name.

What is trolling?

At the heart of trollface games is the concept of "trolling" or "trolling". It means ridicule. Trolling means taunting and annoying someone. The artist Whynne drew the character with a mocking face back in 1996, and only 12 years later it appeared on the Internet on the Deviantart website. The hero of trollface games was a comic book hero in which he trolled everyone in a row and enjoyed it.

With the participation of Trollolo, a huge number of trollface games of various genres have been created. But all these games have one thing in common: whatever trollface does, he will definitely troll everyone around in the process. Together with the hero of trollface games, you can play football, cook different dishes, complete tasks in logic games.

The most popular among Troll face Games are toilet games. Trollolo's favorite pastime is to endure to the extreme and only then go to the toilet. And, of course, there is no time to be there. In trollface games, the toilet can turn into a flying vehicle and a murder weapon, a time machine and a variety of modes of transportation.

What genres of troll face games do we have?

The trollface theme is widely featured in quests and logic games. Users find that playing logic games is much more interesting if they are played with trollface jokes. There are also many trollface games in the adventure genre.

Fans of trollface games love accuracy games.

And since trollface is an Internet meme, most often fans of this character play meme generators.

All trollface games are very fun games, so you definitely won't get bored. The main distinguishing feature of these games is the unpredictable end result: you never know what surprise the game will throw you and how it will end.

Some people think trollface is a very unpleasant person. But this is not true: the character is very cheerful, although his smile seems evil.