The main advantage of modern online games is the ability to transfer your favorite classic board games, which many people love since childhood, to the virtual world. Now we can play games at any time on the screen of our computer, smartphone or tablet.

The most ancient type of games are board games, among which there are such games that I know everybody - chess, checkers, backgammon and dominoes.

Among board games there are both classic, and original, and the newest. And even for classic games - chess, drafts, backgammon - there is a new design and modern design.

What is the use of board games?

Board games develops such important qualities as strategic and logical thinking, ingenuity and attention, the ability to analyze.

Among the most useful board games is a game of dominoes, which is one of the oldest games. Domino is known for the fact that this game has simple rules that are easy to understand and remember. The game of dominoes trains mathematical savvy, the ability to count - addition, subtraction.

Favorite board game is naught and crosses. Children love this game, it is also simple, but it trains analytical thinking and attentiveness.

Also a favorite game of all nations is a game of checkers. Everyone knows how to play this game. This game will teach the player the basics of strategy. It develops logical thinking.

Separate categories of board games are mahjongs that older people love. Card games, solitaire games also belong to this category of board games.

Features board games

All games have one common feature: they all have a playing field on which the entire gameplay takes place. All board games can divided into different categories, but almost all such games have game pieces or dice, dice, with the help of which the next move is randomly determined.

There are a number of games in which characters participate in the gameplay, with which the players make their move.

There are different categories of board games, depending on how many participants in the game. There are games that one person can play against virtual opponents or artificial intelligence. There are also games that many users can play at once against each other on the same device. There are also games that many users can play against opponents online.

Any board game has a goal, and the player must achieve this goal: either defeat the enemy army on the playing field, or score as many points as possible, or have time to do something in a certain time.

The most advanced board games have a cool plot and a complex system of characters, and in order to understand this game, you need to carefully study the rules of this game and its strategy.

The new look of familiar games

The online games industry offers new forms of familiar games, so long-familiar checkers can be found in a variety of ways. Created in beautiful high-quality graphics, new checkers can be stylized to a specific theme. In new chess pieces are made in the form of famous characters or heroes. New backgammon can be of amazing fantastic shapes and sizes.

Today there are many varieties of table tennis, billiards, air hockey. The richest in variety are card games, and there are millions of options for card solitaire.