Among all online video games, 1 player games occupy the largest niche. Because initially all online video games were focused on one player.
Such games are in demand by Internet users, because most often we sit down at a computer just when there is no one nearby with whom you could spend time, chat or have fun.

What is 1 player games?

This category of games suggests that a person plays against a computer. There is no team: here you are for yourself.

In this category, games are focused on one user, and to the category of 1 player games, to one degree or another, almost all online games can be attributed.

1 player games are represented in almost all genres of computer games.

In the category of logical games, the player is faced with the task of solving an intricate puzzle, finding the answer to the question. The game process is complicated by the fact that there is no one to ask hints for, it remains only to wait for the computer to want to give it itself.

Also, many quests belong to the category one player games, and then the player himself takes responsibility for solving the game problem.

Also, most simulators are designed for one player, and only the latest, more modern generations of the simulator began to introduce a multiplayer game mode.

Another common genre in which almost all games are designed for a single player are adventure games.

Universal 1 player games

Many avid players sometimes have a desire to play one thing at a time. And even if all his favorite games are designed for a group of players, modern games are thought out so that they have the ability to switch modes: you can play as a team, or you can switch to 1 player games mode and be left alone with the game.

It is quite interesting to play one-on-one with a computer, although many people think that it can be boring. The computer is a worthy opponent. Such purely human things as emotions, regret and a feeling of pity for an opponent are alien to him. But then you can always be sure that the result of your game is honest and fair. And this is very important, especially when you can be proud of your results.

Benefits of one player games

1 player games has a lot of advantages:

- you will not quarrel with the computer because of the ups and downs of the game, as it can happen if you play in the company of friends,
- nobody will bother you to play, think, calculate your move,
- you will have enough time to think over the next move, and no one will hurry you around and ask you to think quickly.

The genre of computer one player games is much younger than all other genres of games, because initially all games were designed for two or more players. But this does not prevent the genre from developing rapidly. The army of fans of 1 player games is growing, and very soon you will join it!